Riding For The Brand

If you have found yourself on this page, chances are you want to know a little more about us, so lets jump right in! 

Running it Mom is the CEO!! Bailey and Chan operation directors. all three living in small don't blink you'll miss it towns of Oklahoma on small cattle ranch's. M5 is the family cattle brand so when it came to naming the boutique it was pretty much a given😉 

Settling down and growing up in small town Oklahoma there isn't a lot to do other than rodeo or play sports and at that time coming from a long line of thrill seeking and bull riders rodeo is what we did. every. weekend. lol 

That's where we fell for western fashion and the dream of owning a western boutique. We loved seeing all the different kinds of western styles. The new but yet sassy styles, along with the styles that are never going to go out of fashion like the wranglers and cowboy boots. 

Our goal is to buy the best quality of sassy and classy western wear that makes you feel good about you, confident and lets your personality shine with YOUR  style. It is definitely rewarding for us seeing the way our customers style our brand, and just know that with every order we get a huge smile on our face and there is probably a stupid silly dance going on lol.. but really 😉

Okay, so now that you know about us and our dream, let me tell you about why we decided to follow the dream. 

following a dream can be down right scary and not knowing where to start is probably the scariest part. In sept 2019 mom just out of the blue bought the business licenses.. We had been talking about it, but she really did it!  After a few months of coming up with a plan we finally felt like we were on the right track.

Mom's Sister Tiffany (T) was mom's motivation to just out of the blue buy the business licenses. T was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014 and then it turned into metastasis cancer shortly after. T was living in Texas where she was a flight attendant, traveling, doing what she wanted, when she wanted, was about to retire and move back to "cowpoke" Oklahoma (as she would have called it) in April 2020 she was excited about retiring but moving to "cowpoke" she was a little hesitant lol. Mom's plan was to put her booty to work in the boutique, filling orders, or whatever T decided she liked to do just to keep her occupied and helping with her medical bills so she could still be able to travel and do what she wanted. She was actually with us when we got our first merchandise order in..it was the black velvet flare pants. They were so cute!! T was not a fan of them, Chan threated to wear them on their girls day later that day and T was like "Oh hell no" hehe she took them off before they went but they are definitely still a favorite, they just fit in all the right places! 

after we got all the behind the scenes stuff up and going we opened shop July 24, 2020 and Aunt T passed away two weeks later.🧡

Now T is our motivation to keep following this dream and making goals happen. Her favorite color was Orange, so you will see a lot of orange throughout the website. Her best friends got a orange heart tattoo, so we also share a orange heart nonchalant throughout, along with angel wings. 

When it comes to following your dreams just remember "Doubt kills more dreams, than failure ever will" 



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